Lock & Key Office Membership

Lock & Key Office Membership and Enterprise Suites

Do you need a dedicated locked office to secure your workspace?

Includes WiFi & Furniture

Conference Room access (monthly allowance varies with membership)

Come choose your private office today!

  • Single Person Office  $795/month
  • Two Person Office   $1,395/month
  • Enterprise Suite 214 (up to 4 people) $1,975/month
  • Enterprise Suite 205 (up to 5 people) $2,750/month

Hot Desk Membership

Looking for a new work environment?  A Hot Desk Membership allows you to work in an in any of the non-dedicated workspaces.  Workspaces include workstations, semi-private “work sleds”, booths and high top desks and counters.

No long term commitment.

Includes WiFi

Conference Room access (monthly allowance varies with membership).

  • 10 day/month Membership $199/month
  • Full Time Membership  $349/month
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Flexible Membership

Are you looking for a virtual office with the flexibility to come and use our space and conference rooms? This membership allows you to have an office at your own terms. 2 days per month of access to our space with access to conference room booking at member rates.

  • Flexible Membership:  $99/month
  • Option of adding a dedicated mailbox for your business for an additional $49/month
    Conference Room Prices
    • $35/hour Large Conference Room
    • $20/hour Small Conference Room

    Includes WiFi, Apple TV/Chromecast and convenient Online Scheduling